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Welcome to Every Child is Your Child (ECIYC), a community group dedicated to ensuring the education, and empowerment of every child, particularly those living in the Direct Provision system. We believe that every child deserves love, care, and the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their background or circumstances. ECIYC was founded with the vision of building a society where every child is valued, supported, and given equal opportunities to reach their full potential. We recognize the importance of nurturing the younger generation and the positive impact it can have on the entire community.

Did You Know?

 As of May 2023, There are a total of 20,001 people living in direct provision and emergency international protection accommodation, according to the Department of Integration, 30% OF RESIDENTS ARE CHILDRENWe work towards establishing an ongoing fund for school needs and supplies.

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The Hard Truth

It's easy to help out

Step 1: Think about how you can help:

  • Through a financial contribution using the DONATE button at the top of the page

  • Donate any useful goods - New clothes, school supplies, etc.

  • Volunteer for one of our activities (see our events page)

  • Set up your own activity! Lessons, sports days, etc. 

  • Or any other support that only you can give! 



Step 2: Contact us! Details on our  'About Us' page and we'll be happy to have you on board.



     Thank you! All contributions make a huge difference.

Our Work

 Collaborations & Partners 

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