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Letters of love to the Children living in direct provision.

Ubuntu, a Nguni term translating to “I am because we are” or “humility towards others".


In southern Africa, Ndebele women use these Intricate and beautiful geometric symbols that speak a story of oneness, of love and togetherness. Ndebele women gift their patterned stories often as love letters, a gift that embraces the beauty of cultural heritage and the philosophy of humanity spoken through the universal language of art.

The philosophy of Ubuntu is one that we embody at Every Child is Your Child. We believe that a child is nourished by more than it's maternal parents, but by the whole community. A coming together of love, strength and unity.

We embrace the children in direct provision as our own children. We live by the philosophy of Ubuntu and we want to share with you our love letters, the opportunity to gift & receive through these beautiful Ndebele designs.

These Nguni prints are more than just art, they are a letter of love and an expression of gratitude.

By purchasing one of our garments, your love letter is delivered directly to a child and their family in Direct Provision along with a gift voucher so they may enjoy the celebrations of Christmas this year. You become their community, you become the philosophy of Ubuntu.

Love is a language we can all speak.

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